Sharing Your Life Message

God has given you a Life Message to share
When you became a believer, you also became God’s Messenger. GOD Wants to speak to the world through you.
You may feel you don’t have anything to share, but that is the Devil trying to keep you silent. You have a storehouse of experience that God wants to use to bring others into his family.
Your Life message has four parts:

  • Your testimony: the story of how you began a relationship with Jesus
  • Your life lessons: the most important lessons God has taught you
  • Your godly passion: the issues God shaped you to care about most
  • The Good News: the message of Salvation

YOUR Life Message Includes Your Testimony

Your testimony is the story of how Christ has made a difference in your life. There is no other story just like yours, so only you can share it.

Shared stories build a realational bridge that Jesus can walk across from your heart to others

Things you should take to consideration when writing your testimony

  • What my life was like before I met Jesus
  • How I realized I needed Jesus
  • How I committed my life to Jesus
  • The difference Jesus has made in my life

You have a story for every experience in which God has helped you. You should take a list of all the problems, circumstances, and crises that God has brought you through.

Different situations call for different testimonies

Your Life Message Includes Your Life Lessons

There are lessons and insights you have learned about God, relationships, problems, temptation, and other aspects of life.

Write down the major life lessons you have learned so you can share them with others.

Mature people develop the habit of extracting lessons from everyday experiences.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself

  • What has God taught me from failure?
  • What has God taught me from lack of money?
  • What has God taught me from pain and or sorrow or depression?
  • What has God taught me through waiting?
  • What has God taught me through illness?
  • What has God taught me from disappointment?
  • What have I learned from my family, church, my relationships, my small group, and my critics?

Your Life Message Include Sharing Your Godly Passions

As you grow closer to God, He will give you a passion for something He cares about deeply so you can be a spokesman for Him in the world. It may be a passion for a problem, a purpose, a principle, or a group of people. God uses passionate people to further His kingdom

God gives us different passions so that everything He wants to be done in the world will get done.

Your Life Message Includes The Good News

A parent will run into a burning building to save a child because of their love for that Child is greater than the fear. If you have been afraid to share the Good News with those around you, ask God to fill your heart with love for them.

AS LONG as you know one person who doesn’t know Christ, you must keep praying for them, serving them in love, and sharing the Good News


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