Why God? The Weekend Question

Your answer might just be what saves a soul

Why are you Serving God?

Let us all be remembered of the beautiful wonders of Serving God.


2 thoughts on “Why God? The Weekend Question

  1. First off, almost all of us turn to The God Who Is because we are either afraid of hell or we need help desperately for a situation in this life. All are selfish reasons to serve God, but His love and grace are SOOO great, He accepts us anyway, and allows us to serve Him. He then begins to mold us into the likeness of the Son of God, who gives of Himself completely, even to death on the ‘excution stake,’ i.e., the cross.
    I came to Father because as a child my parents warned me that those who did not trust in Jesus would go to hell, and it was not a pretty or funny picture our pastors painted! Now, I serve Him because I know He is the source of all good and light and life, and our joy is sharing all of the rest of this life together. Can you imagine??? “I” make God happy!!!?? 😀
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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