Joshua 1:8; Meditate On The Word

…but thou shall meditate therein day and night…

The Subject Of Meditation is still hidden to many believers. Most do not even understand what meditation is.

It is one thing to read the Bible; it is another thing to get a message from the Word of God.

For you to have the success you desire, you must make time to Meditate on God’s Word(Bible).

Meditation enables you to get a full understanding of what God has said about you, what He is saying and gives you the ability to act on the Word.

The Word of God is a seed in which when you read and believe, it will surely bring Results. Luke 8:11 says:

…The seed is the Word Of God.

To Meditate is to think through, clear your head from every mental clutter, and think solely on the Word of God. A state whereby your thoughts are only on the Word Of God.


29 thoughts on “Joshua 1:8; Meditate On The Word

  1. I once preached it at a very conservative church. I opened with โ€œGod wants everyone to be successful and I can prove it in Scriptureโ€. Well they thought I had gone over to the dark side of name it and claim it theology. Obviously once I got into the sermon and unpacked the verse (in context with the whole counsel of God) what was clear was; “spiritual success” comes to those who diligently study (meditate), apply and keep Godโ€™s commandments on a daily basis. No small task, which is why success is so elusive.

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  2. I used to find time for everything else in life. After some time I began to run on empty, and the problem was this right here. I was busy working doing me, but I was neglecting time alone with God, and meditating on the word. Thank you for sharing this may many people find a blessing in it.

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  3. Meditation is the practice of taking a verse or many verses and then contemplating, deliberating, and mulling over those verses and their implications for our lives in the course of a few minutes, a day, or longer. As we consider the biblical truth, God’s voice has the opportunity to enlighten us on how that truth applies to our lives. Great post.

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  4. One of the things I do ever night before going to sleep is talking and medidating on His word. It helps me to sleep. Sometimes the Lord wakes me up and we will have a chat or maybe I will sing or recite scripture. I love how Jesus communicates with us and how I can communicate to Him.

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