An Insight Into 2022

Firstly, With great joy and appreciation, Thank you God for seeing us through 2021. I am assured that you will see us through 2022 as well.

Here are a few things KGO 2022

1) To kick off 2022, we start with the teaching “Beatitudes” From our Lord Jesus(Matthew 5:1-10). May the Lord teach us Himself.

2) In regards to pet lovers and people who love to shop via Amazon etc… KGO will now be associated with Amazon as an Amazon Associate(we earn from qualifying purchases). Post of this would be once a while(Wednesday)

3) In spreading the Word, KGO looks forward to working with Ambassadors of different countries as well as doing door-to-door Evangelism.

May The Lord See Us Through And Be Our Guide In Jesus’ Name.


5 thoughts on “An Insight Into 2022

  1. It was a blessed year knowing you a faithFULL person and having you as a friend and near source of help. Looking forward to growing our friendship this new year and learning more from you. Happy new year and peace and prosperity to you, Michael. πŸ€πŸ’–

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