Weekend Question

Special thanks to all those who participated in last week’s weekend question.

Here’s another, if you will, do share!

What name of God do you love the most?

Do leave your answer in the comment section!


23 thoughts on “Weekend Question

  1. God.
    It rings Supremacy and Almightiness in my mind. And that’s what I mainly want to associate God with.
    It’s comforting to know someone like that exists and that am connected with him.

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  2. I have no specific name I like the best… God is in everything, and everyone around me… the names we like to refer to, are but attributes… and no attribute can fully name God… even the word God, falls short…

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  3. “Father” is the first that comes to mind, because He loves us so lavishly.
    Close behind it is “I AM” or YHWH (English transliteration of the Hebrew characters). Exodus 3 was the first time in the Scriptures that anyone bothered to ask Him for His name, and He said “I Am That I Am,” meaning He was without cause; the First Cause of everything that exists.

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